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By Your Edge Blog Team | May 31, 2022

Leading Transport and Logistics Provider Found Move to Android Far Easier Than Expected

Operational efficiency also increased more than expected after migrating drivers and hub teams to the Android solution co-developed with Zebra.

German transport and logistics provider trans-o-flex handles goods for a variety of sectors, including temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and medical products. So, when company leaders decided to move front-line teams to a future-ready Android™ mobility platform to add flexibility and functionality to their fulfillment and delivery workflows, they called us to see if we could help. (trans-o-flex is a longtime Zebra customer.) 

“Zebra Technologies is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to Android implementation,” says Stefan Fuss, IT System Architecture Department Manager, trans-o-flex.

We were able to equip trans-o-flex drivers and warehouse staff with TC5x Series Mobile Computers that ran the company’s own in-house Android application. We also paired the solution with wearable scanners that helped hub teams track parcels in the loading and unloading processes.

We don’t want to brag, but the seamless transition to the platform was successful at every level.  

Read the full story now to learn how this unique mobility solution helped trans-o-flex drivers work more efficiently and meet customer expectations in demanding times:

Zebra Helps trans-o-flex Make Smooth Transition to Android Solution


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