The welcome box Zebra's 2022 summer interns received
By Your Edge Contributor | July 28, 2022

Two Zebra Interns Reveal Why They Chose to Return for a Second Summer Versus “Exploring Their Options” Elsewhere Like Often Advised to Students

As Nicole Hurowitz and Natalie Koenig explain in this podcast interview, Zebra offers opportunities to those who want to take their careers in a completely different direction. Plus, they were offered hybrid work options.

This post was written by Lauren Swanson, Zebra’s External Communications Summer Intern.

My internship at Zebra this summer is my first ever internship. Yet, I feel like I have grown with the company much longer as my mom has worked here for almost four years. I vividly remember her mentioning to me during the beginning of my junior year of college that Zebra had an open public relations intern role. I jumped on the opportunity to apply because I wanted to strengthen my writing skills and thought Zebra would be the perfect company to help me do so. I am so grateful everything worked out, as I can confidently say that the Zebra internship program and the external communications team have done more than exceed my expectations. Actually, I think that is an understatement.

Since this is my first internship, I did not really know what to expect. However, everyone on my team has done such a phenomenal job catering my assignments to my interests and introducing me to the people who can help me with exactly what I would like to pursue after graduating college next year. 

After speaking with my fellow interns, I realize that many others have had similar experiences. In fact, one of the reasons why Natalie Koenig and Nicole Hurowitz came back to Zebra for a second summer is because they were given opportunities to grow in their careers and move into roles that fully align with their passions. But that is not the only reason why they chose to return to Zebra despite having many other internship options. 

I invited these two incredible interns to join me for a 30-minute discussion about: 

  • Why they decided to return to Zebra for another internship.

  • How their roles have changed over the past two years and what projects they have been working on. (Spoiler alert: These aren’t your typical intern projects.)

  • The biggest differences between working with teams remotely versus in person.

  • New opportunities they have enjoyed since coming back into the office.

  • Why they prefer working remotely or hybrid.

  • Advice they have for individuals looking for an internship.


About Our Guests:

  • Nicole Hurowitz recently graduated from Stony Brook University with an MBA and BA in Psychology with a concentration in Marketing. Last summer, she interned with the Sales Operations team and is now an HR Business Partner intern on the Product & Solutions team. 

  • Natalie Koenig will be a senior at the Role-Hulman Institute of Technology, where she is majoring in Software Engineering and minoring in Robotics. She has returned to work with the same Firmware Device Validation Team.  


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