SAE Selector Pro


SAE Selector Pro Voice Picking enables faster, more accurate picking than conventional voice-only solutions. Its multi-modal design harnesses voice, text, barcode scanning, and labels printing. It’s ideal for retail, wholesale and food service operations. It provides the industry’s first GS1 item-level product traceability and U.S. Patented technology for scanning and real-time case labels printing.

Benefits include rapid product level traceability, non-voice pick validation and displays upcoming picks. It eliminates bulky headsets, voice profile training, speech recognition issues and eliminates the problems associated with check digits memorization and pre-printed case labels.

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Increase Productivity

  • Eliminates voice profile training, recognition problems and preprinted case labels
  • Provides heads-up voice navigation and picking instructions
  • Scan-based pick validation and a visual preview of upcoming picks

Improves Accuracy

  • 99.995% Accuracy – Improvement in mis-pick rate from 1:2,500 cases to 1:22,500
  • U.S. Patented technology for scanning and printing case labels at time of pick
  • Product-level scanning for pick validation and catch weight capture

Provides GS1 Product Traceability

  • Scan-based capture of GS1 label traceability elements
  • Industry’s first GS1 compliant application for product traceability
  • GTIN item level traceability

Voice Guidance

Keyed Response

Scan Response

Vehicle Mounted

Screen Reinforcement


Industrial Wireless


Specifications Sheet 

Selector Pro Voice Guidance Spec Sheet