Mobile Infrastructure

"In today's business environment, providing mobile applications to your employees is essential for driving productivity, enhancing customer satisfaction, and remaining competitive."

SAP NetWeaver Mobile, a component of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, provides mobile middleware that consists of development tools, a runtime infrastructure, and mobile device management functionality. In addition, it serves as the foundation of SAP® xApps™ composite applications for mobile business. SAP NetWeaver Mobile includes a comprehensive development environment, runtime infrastructure, and deployment management.

Solution Components

It is assumed that the following components are available and that a full understanding of the SAP Mobile Infrastructure is:

  • SAP Mobile Infrastructure V2.5 with the latest Support Pack
  • Windows Mobile Device
  • Zebra Mobile Printer
  • Zebra Mono Spaced Font (ZMF204.CPF)
  • Zebra Media

Although this is not required, it is recommended. Zebra Media has been extensively tested with Zebra printers.

Supported Printer Models

Zebra mobile printers are supported by SAP Mobile infrastructure V2.5. The printer drivers are part of the development environment. As of August 2008, the following printer models were supported:

  • QL420
  • RW420
  • QL420 Plus
  • Cameo 3

New printer model support will be added by SAP Support Packs. For the latest list of supported products visit