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Machine Vision Systems

GevIQ Frame Grabber



Smart Network Interface Cards for Efficient High-Bandwidth GigE Vision Acquisition

GevIQ smart network interface cards (NICs) are the first in the industry to deliver generic GigE Vision acquisition offload at speeds up to 25 Gigabits/s per port. GevIQ add-in boards provide a more versatile and widely compatible alternative to custom-built or proprietary solutions based on 10+ GbE.

Benefits of the GevIQ Frame Grabber

High-Bandwidth Acquisition

GevIQ smart NICs boast two 25 GbE ports for acquisition and GigE Vision packet processing is performed directly onboard, making very little demand of the host CPU, even in complex multi-camera setups.

Avoid Proprietary 10+ GbE Solutions

GevIQ boards offer a versatile, widely compatible alternative to proprietary solutions for 10+ GbE cameras. Aggregate multiple GbE cameras for up to 32 input sources. A standard SFP28 connector supports a range of DAC or fiber-optic cables.

Easier Set-Up and Monitoring

Software utilities allow users to evaluate the performance and functionality of GigE Vision-compliant cameras or 3D sensors, and log acquisition activity to troubleshoot capture errors, measure latencies, and identify bottlenecks.

Additional Software Features

Aurora Imaging Library

Aurora Imaging Library, formerly Matrox Imaging Library, machine-vision software development kit (SDK) has a deep collection of tools for image capture, processing, analysis, annotation, display, and archiving. Code-level customization starts here.

Aurora Design Assistant

Aurora Design Assistant, formerly Matrox Design Assistant, integrated development environment (IDE) is a flowchart-based platform for building applications, with templates to speed up development and bring vision applications online quicker.


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