Optimise Load Planning in Real-Time with SmartPack

The New Intelligent Loading Environment

Transform Your Loading Operations into a Smarter, More Connected Environment

Loading operations run smoother when workflows are optimised. With SmartPack™, you’ll have real-time visibility into loading processes to increase efficiency across your current infrastructure and workforce. Now, you’re ready to support higher delivery volumes and reduce economic impact on your business.

Optimise space to ship less air and reduce operating costs

Process more parcels faster with greater efficiency

Speed up seasonal worker training and performance 

Reduce parcel damage and loss

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SmartPack combines hardware, software and analytics to expand your visibility, which allows you to sense, analyse and act in real-time. By improving loading operations through smarter, faster and more informed decisions, you can simultaneously increase quality, worker safety, and profitability.


SmartPack Trailer is here to provide parcel carriers with the real-time operational visibility they need to increase efficiency, quality, safety, and profitability.