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Printer Profile Manager Enterprise

Minimise printer management time and cost. Maximise printer uptime. How? With Zebra’s Printer Profile Manager Enterprise (PPME), part of Zebra’s exclusive Print DNA suite of software tools. 

PPME is a full featured remote printer management solution. It gives you the ability to easily manage all your networked Zebra Print DNA printers from anywhere, at anytime, no matter where they are in the world.

Quick to install, it eliminates time workers spend travelling to locate, configure and troubleshoot printers. And, it delivers convenient, browser-based anywhere, anytime access via an intuitive interface. Easily discover all your networked Print DNA printers. Create and distribute configurations via your browser, and update printers on your schedule. 

Safeguard enterprise security with built-in, direct encrypted connection to each printer. Use Zebra’s Automated Wi-Fi Certificate Management to automatically renew WLAN security certificates on each printer. Eliminate errors and reduce time by scheduling certificate updates that applies unique, signed certificates to each printer.

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