Printer Setup Utilities

Zebra Printer Setup Utility icon

These free Setup Utilities will simplify setup of your Zebra printer and enhance your printer experience right out of the box.

Printer Setup Utilities for Windows

The free Windows PC-based Zebra Setup Utilities will enhance your out-of-the-box printer experience by enabling you to quickly and easily configure select Zebra industrial, mobile and desktop printers. Wizards quickly guide you through the printer setup utility, whether you're adding a new printer, moving an existing printer to a new location or adding new capabilities.

Printer Setup Utilities for Android

The free Android-based Printer Setup Utility makes configuring Link-OS printers simple and mobile — no specialised knowledge required:

  • Use the Tap and Pair feature to quickly connect to the printer via Bluetooth or wireless network.*
  • Use the application's intergrated Dropbox or Box support to update printers with your cloud-based files.
  • instal and manage Virtual Devices from your Android device

*Tap/Pair can only be used on those Android devices that support NFC.