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Easily Integrate Data Captured With Zebra Android Devices Into Your Applications - Without Time-Consuming, Costly Programming

Now, you can integrate data captured with your Zebra Android mobile computers into your enterprise applications quickly, easily and without writing any code using DataWedge for Android, available out-of-the-box on all Zebra Android mobile computers. Information from any data capture source on Zebra’s Android mobile devices and attached peripherals is properly formatted and transmitted to the right applications, without any programming or modification of your existing applications.

The result? You can launch highly cost-effective applications that automate data capture, eliminate errors, increase worker productivity and maximise the value of your Zebra Android mobile computers, faster than ever. Leverage the data capture power of your Zebra Android devices today with DataWedge for Android.

Compatibility, Downloads and Manuals

The Enterprise Features You Need

  • Capture and Integrate Data from Practically Any Device Source

    DataWedge allows you to easily capture data via the integrated barcode scanner, camera and RFID, as well as attached peripherals, including magnetic stripe readers (MSR) and Bluetooth cordless ring scanners.

  • Automatically Turn Captured Data Into Keystrokes

    DataWedge can instantly turn captured data into keystrokes, allowing workers to scan barcodes and send data directly to your application. Ideal for the straightforward capture of simple data, such as item numbers or batch numbers.

  • Simplify Programming of Complex Data Processing with Android Intents

    Do you need to perform actions based on specific characters in the captured data, send some of the captured data to another application or look up information based on specific characters in the captured data? Support for Android’s standard Application Programming Interface (API), Intents, makes it easy. Intents can be utilised to switch profiles based on user activity and perform more complicated data formatting requirements.

Worker in a supermarket using a Zebra mobile computer to scan an item.

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