Mobility DNA OCR Wedge

Effortlessly and Accurately Capture Standardized Data to Streamline Workflows and Improve Productivity

Effortlessly capture standardised data with Zebra Mobility DNA OCR Wedge. Six different OCR Wedge configurations automatically capture text strings that contain specific types of data — vehicle identification, tire identification, license plate, meter and shipping container identification numbers, as well as a variety of information on drivers licenses and identification cards. And the automatic capture of data takes process automation to the next level, substantially reducing cycle times — and increasing data accuracy and workforce efficiency.

Compatibility, Downloads, and Manuals
  • Machine Learning OCR

    By employing machine learning, each OCR Wedge configuration is not only fine tuned to extract only the text you need— it also overcomes specific challenges related to the location of the text. For example, the OCR Wedge for Tire Identification Number (TIN) is trained and tuned to successfully read text on a curve, overcome the low contrast of black text printed on a black surface and ignore the large volume of surrounding text — issues that would be difficult for a traditional OCR engine to address.

  • 100% Offline Processing

    No Wi-Fi or cellular connection? No problem. All processing happens on the Zebra mobile device. Mobility DNA OCR Wedge simply works everywhere — even in underground parking garages, inside cargo ships and remote areas. And because the data never leaves your device, OCR Wedge is highly secure — data is never processed or stored on external cloud servers.

  • Easy to Deploy

    Begin optimising your workflows with OCR Wedge in minutes. OCR Wedge configurations are powered by DataWedge, a complimentary Zebra Mobility DNA tool that is pre-installed on all Zebra mobile computers that makes it easy to integrate captured data into your enterprise applications without costly, time-consuming programming. To activate OCR Wedge, just choose the OCR features you need, purchase the corresponding license(s) and start scanning.

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