Maximizing ROI with Linerless Labeling Solution
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Maximising the Return on Investment of a Linerless Labelling Solution

The global linerless labels market is estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% between 2017 and 2023.1 With such steady growth projected, how can linerless labels benefit your business and what are the key considerations for implementation? This guide is intended to help you understand linerless label solutions, and navigate the associated pros and cons.

Maximizing the Return on Investment of a Linerless Labeling Solution


We design and manufacture our desktop and mobile linerless printers to deliver premium print quality and performance when paired with Zebra certified linerless supplies. Our Printer and Supplies R&D Team pre-tests Zebra’s linerless materials throughout the development of our mobile and desktop linerless printers to ensure high-quality, durable print and adhesive compatibility with each printer


Top 3 Things to Consider in a Linerless Solution: 

  1. Print Performance: Linerless labels typically require a higher print darkness setting than standard direct thermal labels. The heat generated by the printhead must penetrate through the release coating to activate the direct thermal chemistry to create a readable and durable image. 
  2. Proper Manufacturing: Linerless labels must be carefully manufactured and precisely wound on the core to ensure a proper fit in the printer. Unlike standard labels, linerless labels cannot be easily adjusted on the roll because of the absence of the liner. 
  3. Testing and Maintenance: To minimize cleaning and maintenance—along with having to replace printheads and platen rollers— linerless media needs to be rigorously tested in compatible printers to ensure minimal adhesive buildup, optimal print quality and smooth label throughput.
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