Ingress Protection Rating

A rugged Zebra tablet in wet sand

Understanding Computer Ingress Protection Testing (IP Ratings)

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are IEC standardized markings – denoted as IPXY – that clearly classify and rate the degree of defenses that mechanical casings and electrical enclosures provide against dust and water penetration, ultimately separating the right from the wrong when deciding which rugged computer is built tough enough for the job at hand. The X number indicates the dust-resistance IP rating and the Y number indicates the water-resistance IP rating.

Every Zebra rugged device goes through extensive Ingress Protection (IP) testing during the engineering and field-testing stages and every tablet provides either an IP54, IP65, IP67 or IP68 level of dust-resistance and water-resistance. Explore our full lineup of IP-rated rugged computers to determine which Zebra tablet PC will best safeguard your mobile investment from water or dust-related damage.

Zebra's Ingress Protection-Tested Rugged Mobile Computers

Our rugged mobile devices are IP tested and field-proven to protect against water and dust ingress. Whether you need IP54, IP65, IP67, or IP68 level resistance, Zebra’s line of rugged tablets, handhelds and 2-in-1 laptop/tablet computers will ensure your workflow is efficient and uninterrupted. Contact us to get started and find out which IP rated device is right for your team.

IP 68 logo

Anticipating a severe dust storm near a job site? Want to power through a pipeline inspection or have a research excursion during monsoon season? IP68 rated mobile computers from Zebra will continue to work – and support your work – in the midst of sideways rain and flooded roads.

ip67 logo

Need a fully waterproof and dustproof rugged mobile computer for your most extreme operating environments? An IP67-rated ultra-rugged tablet will offer the genuine physical protection and the ultimate long-term investment protection you’re looking for (plus, peace of mind).

ip65 logo

When contact with dust and water is unavoidable, so is your investment in an IP65-rated fully rugged tablet PC. Its dustproof design will protect your device and data against particle penetration and withstand the pressure of water jets. Performance and power never suffer.

ip54 logo

When you need a tough layer of water protection and dust protection to keep minor interactions from becoming major challenges in the field or factory, you need an IP54-rated rugged tablet.