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Market Insights to Help Grow Your Business

Zebra’s latest research reports delve into key trends and challenges transforming your industry both today and in the future. Highlights include unique market insights, technology investment patterns and a view into how your peers are reacting.

Digital Transformation in the Automotive Ecosystem

Technological innovation is advancing automotive industry transformation. Next-generation transportation mobility options are on the rise. The industry faces pressure to achieve new levels of customer service and efficiency. Learn how to out-innovate and gain a competitive edge.

Retail Shopper Application Photo
The World Has Changed. Have Retailers?

With our 15th Annual Global Shopper Study, one thing is clear: Retail is always changing. Get the latest insights on evolving shopper behaviors, associate perspectives and where retail decision makers are placing their investment bets to meet shopper expectations in today's modern store.

Making Modern Warehousing a Reality

Get warehouse decision-makers' and associates' insights to help you navigate warehousing market demands and achieve goals around connectivity, profitability, and operational efficiency.

The Future of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Resiliency

The pharmaceutical supply chain is changing fast. See how you can future-proof your business with technologies that enable transparency and drive business resiliency.

Medical Healthcare Concept - Doctor in hospital with digital medical icons graphic banner showing symbol of medicine, medical care people, emergency service network, doctor data of patient health.
Smarter, More Connected Hospitals

Discover what integrated technologies healthcare leaders are investing in to mobilize urgent care teams, automate more workflows and regain control of supply chains to better support clinicians and patients.

Grocery and Food Safety Worker Application Photo
Prepare Your Business for the Future of Food Safety

Food safety is a top concern for food and beverage industry decision-makers and consumers. See how you can future-proof your business and gain a competitive advantage by embracing the technology that improves food safety and traceability.

Mobile Tech and the Future of Energy and Utilities

Meet the increasingly high demands of customers with insights from The Future of Field Operations: A Look at the Energy and Utilities Sector Through 2025.

Mobile Technology is Driving the Service Providers and Telecom Sectors

Meet the increasingly high demands of customers with insights from The Future of Field Operations: A Look at the Service Providers and Telecom Sectors.

Future of Field Operations: Public Safety

Meet the increased expectations of citizens with insights from The Future of Field Operations: A Look at the Public Safety Sector Through 2025.

Supply Chain Fulfillment Consumer Vision
Reinvent the Supply Chain: The Future of Fulfillment

While consumers continue to drive demand through multiple shopping channels, only 39% of businesses surveyed felt they have a working omnichannel logistics strategy. Read the full report to learn how supply chain leaders are making the digital transformation.

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