IP67 Mobile Computers


Zebra Technologies IP67 Mobile Computers

Go where you need to go. Do what you need to do. With Zebra IP67 tablet computers, ultra rugged water and dust protection comes standard. Our military-grade dustproof and waterproof rugged tablets will keep the elements from disrupting productivity, even if it feels like you're three feet under water (literally).

Zebra Tablets with IP67 Rating

The IP67 rating protection of Zebra's ultra-rugged tablet PC lineup means that you can confidently immerse yourself in your work and your tough mobile computer in up to 3 feet of water, no matter how extreme your field conditions. With a Zebra IP67 rugged tablet, your data could take an accidental dive into a puddle, pond or river up to 3 feet deep for at least 30 minutes and come up unscathed. Our highly rated, water-resistant tough mobile computers also undergo extensive testing to ensure IP67 rating protection against dust. In fact, Zebra IP67 rugged tablets are impenetrable by dust. So whether you're working in the desert or just amidst fine particles at a manufacturing plant, you can be sure that neither a single grain of dust nor a sandstorm will interfere with your mobile data or workflow.

IP67 Tablets: Water and Dust Tablet Protection

Ingress protection refers to the code published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that rates the standard of protection offered by a gadget’s enclosure. The first number in the rating refers to how well it protects against particles like dust and fine sand. Dust protection ratings range from 0, which describes no protection, to 6, which describes tight dust protection. The second number in an IP rating refers to how well the device protects against water ingress. Similarly, the higher the number, the better protection. Rating ranges from 0 (no water protection) to 8 (over 1 meter water depth immersion protection).

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