Forza Cash Logistics


Forza Cash Logistics

Guatemala City, Guatemala


Grupo Megabyte

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Forza Cash Logistics Uses Zebra Handheld Mobile Computers to Provide Real-Time Updates and Reduce Errors While Transporting Valuables

Forza Cash Logistics makes more than three million trips and handles over $78 billion in valuables annually. It worked with Zebra to find a way to improve visibility and track all movements, while reducing customer service times.


Forza Cash Logistics needed a more efficient method for tracking driver and inventory movements and improve service times. Drivers were losing time by using paper forms to record information.



Since equipping drivers with Zebra rugged touchscreen mobile computers, Forza Cash Logistics has improved the quality of its information. The company can provide real-time accrediting and visibility into the the transportation process thanks to the real-time tracking of drivers and assets.

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