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Hiller Sistmas

Santa Cruz, Bolivia



Multicenter Finds an Innovative Way to Reach New Customers and Boost Sales

Multicenter is a department store that sells electronics, gardening supplies, tools and more. It worked with Zebra to provide a fast and reliable card printing solution to speed up the loyalty credit card application and approval process. Customers can now apply, get approved and have a credit card printed in a matter of minutes.


Multicenter needed to attract and serve a niche market and allow customers to make their purchases directly in the store, right after they request and receive their cards.



Since implementing the Zebra ZC300 Series Card Printer, Multicenter has sped up its credit card approval process. Thanks to the fully automated system, applicants can have their store credit cards in hand in approximately 10 minutes. Multicenter has also seen an increase in its customer base and a 40% increase in credit sales since making in-store credit applications and approvals faster.

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