Office Depot Creates Frictionless Omnichannel Shopping Experience
Success Story

Office Depot Creates Frictionless Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Office Depot successfully integrated Zebra's solution into retail stores deepening its relationship with customers. The company has seen improved inventory accuracy, quickened order processing time and reduced non-value-added activities.

Office Depot


Office Depot wanted to upgrade its mobile technology and consolidate store, supply chain and delivery software into one device to give customers fast and flexible purchase and pickup options. The company also wanted a solution that would help associates to focus more on customer interaction and relationship building. 

Benefits / Outcomes

  • More accurate and quicker product picking to better support buy online, pick up in store and ship from store
  • Increased employee satisfaction through freeing up time for higher value tasks
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced operating costs due to device consolidation

Office Depot
Boca Raton, Florida/USA


Zebra TC5X Series Mobile Computer
Zebra Workcloud Communication
Zebra RS507X Ring Scanner


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