Truman Medical Centers/ Cerner Corporation


Truman Medical Centers

Kansas City, Missouri


Cerner Corporation

Kansas City, Missouri

How Care Team Communications are Transforming Patient Care

Truman Medical Centers optimizes clinican workflows, patient care and staff statisfaction by upgrading its care team communications systems.


Optimizing nursing workflow, patient care and staff satisfaction.


  • Zebra TC51-HC mobile computer
  • Cerner’s CareAware Connect solution
  • Applications: voice and text communications, camera capture, barcode medication administration, breast milk and transfusion tracking
  • Zebra QLn220 Mobile Printer
  • Zebra HC100 Desktop Printer
  • Zebra ZT230 Tabletop Printer


  • Improved clinical workflows save nurses valuable time
  • Cut number of steps nurses walk during their shifts
  • Reduced time spent disinfecting equipment by tenfold

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