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5G, Wi-Fi 6/6E and CBRS

Understanding the impact of the new generation of wireless technologies on your enterprise mobility strategy

5G, Wi-Fi 6/6E and CBRS White Paper


Today, mobility is a cornerstone technology in almost every business. Mobile devices help workers get more done in a day, as they are able to execute tasks faster and with greater accuracy. Retail associates can better assist shoppers. Nurses can provide patients with faster care. Manufacturers can take production volumes and product quality to the next level. Warehouse operators can make sure every customer receives the right items in the right order on time. And public safety officers and first responders can better protect and serve their communities.


  • While 5G is here, it is far from ubiquitous, which heavily impacts its ability to deliver value in enterprise applications. 
  • Today, coverage is primarily centred in highly populated areas, with coverage in rural areas expected to lag significantly.
  • As a result, your workforce can continue to use their 4G devices until your enterprise has a use case that requires the speeds of 5G — and 5G higher speeds are actually available throughout your coverage area. 
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