Zebra Custom Applications


Thank you for utilising Zebra to create a custom application for your Zebra printer. Zebra's Custom Application Ordering Portal makes ordering keys for custom software, firmware, drivers, fonts and settings quick and easy. Credit Card, PayPal, and wire transfer are accepted methods of payment.

Order Keys for your custom application for your Zebra printer via Zebra's Custom Application Ordering Portal. Once on the portal, to order keys, choose "Customer Specific Keys" or select the proper part number for your custom application.

Zebra's Custom Application Ordering Portal features:

  • Your customer software, firmware, drivers, fonts or settings solution
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Keys by email
  • Purchase keys after the initial roll-out, whenever you need them
  • Receive keys within 20 minutes



Z-Downloader is used to send firmware and files to printers, over network, USB, RS-232 or Parallel port connections.




Installing the Key on Your Printer

When you purchase a key or group of keys, you'll need to follow these steps to transfer the purchased keys onto your printer(s).

  • After you make your online purchase, you'll receive an e-mail with your key. You'll receive one key per group of one, five or 25 keys. For example, if you purchase a 25 printer key, you will receive one key that will allow you to enable the custom solution on 25 separate printers.
  • Install the ZDownloader application. The instructions are included.
  • Copy the key from the e-mail and paste it into the ZDownloader Key Manager. The software will authenticate the key via a Web-based server and inform you that it is ready to distribute keys.
  • Distribute the key to your printer(s).
  • Use your DSS file when asked to "Select Solution DSS" from the ZDownloader application.