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Emergency Response Planning and Management

firemen working on forest fire

Rely on Real-Time Data for Emergency Response Operations

From first call through incident investigation, Zebra ruggedised mobile technology solutions enable emergency response personnel to serve public safety more effectively with industry-leading mobility strategies. Emergency response teams—dispatchers to law enforcement, firefighters to paramedics, municipal service to utility service workers—rely on Zebra mobile devices to deliver real-time information, data capture at the scene and reliable communication channels to help them do their jobs more quickly while ensuring public safety.

Enhance Law Enforcement

Police and Law Enforcement look to Zebra mobile devices to enhance their services with superior in-vehicle and mobile wireless connectivity. Built to withstand the daily challenges of that an officer may encounter, Zebra’s rugged devices are drop-, vibration- and extreme-temperature resistant to capture and share critical data in real-time to help personnel take fast action with better informed decisions.

Support Fire and Rescue Departments

Firefighters and rescue personnel need to know what they're walking into in every incident. Zebra mobile solutions can deliver real-time visibility into the same data sets held by public safety agencies to expedite coordinated responses and inspections. Plus, as hazardous location certified devices, they are purpose-built to be safe in the dangerous environments that these teams work in.

Improve Utilities Emergency Response

Emergency response teams for telecommunications, electric, water, and petrol utilities need fast and reliable mobile communication and real-time data sharing throughout the incident command structure. During weather events, natural disasters, infrastructure failures or other emergencies, utility teams can depend upon Zebra mobile devices to facilitate successful emergency response and maintain public safety.

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Software and Applications

Deploy, manage and monitor your workforce and field assets using Zebra software solutions.


Zebra services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle, so you can plan your field service solution to fit your organisation's current and future needs.


Zebra certified supplies are exceptionally consistent and tested to the highest standard for field service applications.