Proof of Pick-up and Delivery

Ensure Pick-up, Delivery and Repeat Business

As a logistics company, you know getting paid can hinge on getting proof – and keeping business means keeping customers satisfied. Zebra’s solutions allow you to do both: letting you take photos for proof of delivery and package condition, and giving customers complete visibility of their assets, wherever they are.  

Your Front Line to a Smarter Field Enterprise

See How the Internet of Things Can Add Value to Manufacturing Solutions

Cost of Moving to Android™ OS an Issue? Get Gartner’s Take

Gartner’s report explains how to overcome common challenges & shares insight on how to plan a strategic migration.



Take technology on the go and keep drivers up to date with the latest delivery information with Zebra’s selection of mobile printers, mobile computers and tablets.


Fight fragmentation and keep your team constantly connected and in contact whether they’re on the floor or in the field with Zebra’s software solutions.


Whether you need maintenance, on site support, or just someone to help you find the right devices for your organisations current and future needs, Zebra is at your service.  

Zebra Will Help You Design a Solution to Meet Your Pick-up and Delivery Needs For Today and Tomorrow