Fire and Emergency


Digitally Enabled Prevention, Protection and Response

Zebra Technology have a range of Solutions to transform and support digitally enabled Fire & Rescue Services in preparation for the challenges ahead.

Our solutions enable a holistic organisational approach to sense analyse and act across the frontline with digital support, automation and connectivity with Data being at the heart of our solutions to capture your edge.

  • Supporting

    Services to maximise and share across agencies real-time data capture and access during upstream firefighting activities inc; prevention, education and protection activities within the community and in businesses.

  • Enabling

    Automation of asset tracking including live information of asset location, use statistics, availability and associated records to reduce duplication, eliminate loss and assure compliance with health and safety requirements for testing.

  • Digitising

    All elements of the day to day workflows with enterprise devices and support offering 5+years hardware and software support and security and critical communications 4G and Wireless devices.

Let Zebra Design a Fire and Rescue Services Solution to Meet Your Needs

Build Your Fire and Emergency Services Solution


From consolidated mobile computing solutions to scanners, tablets and mobile printers, only Zebra gives you the complete mobility you need to achieve workflow efficiency and keep your frontline workers connected.


Whether you need help keeping in contact or streamlining services, Zebra offers multiple user-friendly public sector software solutions that easily integrate into existing systems.