Digital Transformation and Enablement

Zebra Technologies have a range of Solutions to transform and support digitally enabled Policing and prepare forces for the challenges ahead.

Our solutions enable a holistic organisational approach to sense analyse and act across the frontline with digital support, automation and connectivity to capture your edge.

  • Supporting

    Police Forces to relentlessly pursue criminals and maximise their use of time and access to critical data with smart personal companion devices and critical communications.

  • Enabling

    Digital tracking of assets with real time data that link people, equipment and actions, automating processes whilst simultaneously capturing data digitally ready for Criminal Justice System.

  • Digitising

    The day to day activities across policing to reduce time and put critical data in the hands of every responder for situational awareness, capture data and intelligence for investigations and ensure evidence management is mobile, agile and digitally enabled.

Let Zebra Design a Police Services Solution to Meet Your Needs

Fire fighters in a truck checking an address

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From consolidated mobile computing solutions to scanners, tablets and mobile printers, only Zebra gives you the complete mobility you need to achieve workflow efficiency and keep your frontline workers connected.