Zebra Intelligent Edge Solutions

Package sorting system in a warehouse

Enterprise Visibility Like No Other

Get the insights and analytics you need to transform the way you see your business. Intelligently connect your company’s assets, data and people in collaborative workflows. Sense what’s happening, analyze or anticipate the implication, and make best-action decisions in real time. We call them intelligent edge solutions. You call it the next breakthrough for your business.

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Automatically sense the location of your assets and inventory, help improve the safety of your people and streamline your production line while allowing you to ramp up productivity, boost efficiency and grow your business.

Get real-time visibility into load planning processes to increase efficiency across your current infrastructure and workforce.

Turn your legacy warehouse management system into a 21st century brainpower using your data, the real-time location of your workers and task priorities — without major changes to your backend system.

Use augmented intelligence to spot issues about your shelved merchandise and reveal prescriptive ways to improve the situation and your operations.

Make your store a smart store with automatic sensing of the location and movement of merchandise, associates, shoppers and assets and turns that data into easy-to-read actionable intelligence.

Zebra SmartCount delivers real-time inventory visibility with significant savings to better manage shrink, increase sales, and ensure retailers have the right products in the right stores at the right time.

Improve the effectiveness of communication capabilities for mobile workers across the enterprise with integrated device management.

Put Zebra device data intelligence into your hands when and how you need it with different solutions and dashboards that help optimise device availability, maximise asset utilisation, and increase operational productivity and ROI.

Solve your data puzzle, and digitally transform the way your business drives performance to become more productive and profitable.