RTLS Software

Support for our real-time locating systems

Our software solutions allow businesses to collect data and make smarter decisions across applications including Yard Management, Material Flow, Asset Visibility and Vehicle Management. In addition our System Builder software allows companies to design an RTLS system to track assets and personnel in their operations.



  • Improve Efficiency

    Zebra’s real-time technology will allow you to improve efficiencies across your business by eliminating waste and automating processes. Providing you with the ability to respond quickly to customer and operational needs, Zebra will allow your business to swiftly adapt to rapidly changing environments.

  • Insights That Inspire Innovation

    The real-time performance intelligence collected by Zebra’s solutions will drive your business forward, giving you the ability to take better advantage of existing opportunities and to create new ones. This will provide your business with a competitive advantage and the capacity to better meet the needs of your customers.

  • Powerful Management Tools

    Our software solutions will give your business the power of visibility. By having the real-time location, condition, timing, accuracy and speed of events occurring in your operations you will have full control of your facility or yard and the ability to optimise your business processes.

analyse Actionable Data To Make Smarter Decisions



An advanced planning software tool for designing accurate, reliable, and scaleable Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS).  System Builder is the industry's tool of choice for planning, deploying and optimise any WhereNet and Dart UWB (RTLS) network. 

  • Define the site and sensor co-ordinate system
  • Model the coverage of the rtls sensors
  • Support the setting up of reference and virtual groups
  • Benefits

    - Easy to install

    - Simple, intuitive user interface

    - Manage hundred of location

      devices from a centralized


    - Built-in planning and design


    - Consistency checking feature


Automate Process

The software provides superior functionality that eliminates the need for manual and labour intensive processes by delivering real-time locating system (RTLS) data from the factory floor to internal and external supply systems.  This helps organisations quickly respond to changes in inventory, production status and customer requests.

  • Feature-rich material replenishment solution
  • Works seamlessly with Zebra's WhereCall and wireless call and messaging system.
  • Designed to support and automate LEAN replenishment techniques
  • Benefits

    - Eliminate line stoppages and  

      business interruptions 

    - Improve asset utilization 

    - Reduce cycle times and

      increase throughput

    - Improve management and

      utilization of resources


High Productivity

The software offers a seamless and efficient way to manage all yard activities and operations – from dock and gate operations to yard planning, gate management to switcher management and inventory control.  Zebra Yard Management software can be deployed as a standalone solution to drive operational efficiencies in your yard or intergrated with Zebra real-time locating systems (RTLS) capabilities to drive real-time yard visibility and yard management in your yard operations.

  • Benefits

    - Improve yard throughput

    - Improve resource utilization

    - Improve labor productivity

    - Improve gate and equipment


    - Improve carrier communication




High Efficiency

The software offers all the tools you need to design, configure, operate, provision and troubleshoot Zebra Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) network; supports both WhereNet RTLS and the Ultra-wideband (UWB) RTLS and allows for efficient resource management with extensive capabilities.

  • Integrate information with other RTLS and ERP business applications
  • Reduce spoilage and product obsolescence
  • Eliminate search teams
  • Automate entry/exit points
  • Enable wireless messaging
  • Eliminate audits and cycle counts
  • Achieve a higher level of inventory accuracyX
  • Benefits

    - Consolidate multiple Auto

      ID technologies

    - Single consolidated view 

    - Automate entry/exit points

    - Reduce search time

    - Enable wireless messaging



Automotive manufacturers, distributors and rental car companies require visibility of available vehicles in their premises. Zebra's Vehicle Tracking and Management System (VTMS) enables users to gain visibility, track and record the arrival, dwell and departure times for every vehicle at every step of the off-line process.

  • Generates constant vehicle location data
  • Generates historical record of the vehicle's progress through off-line certification, repair and containment areas
  • Benefits

    - Increase vehicle throughput ‡

    - Improve Order to Delivery

    - Reduce dwell-time

    - Increase labor productivity ‡ 

    - Improve inventory accuracy

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