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If you think configuring scanners is a hassle, think again. Our patented Zebra’s 123Scan utility has a patented configuration wizard that simplifies every step of deploying a scanner. Loaded with time-saving features and functionality, it’s intuitive enough for first-time users. From the start, it automatically detects your data capture devices and walks you through the configuration process. You’ll find it just as simple when it comes to updating scanner firmware, staging large numbers of devices, displaying barcode data and images, and generating reports. Little wonder then that hundreds of thousands of IT administrators swear by it.

Retail worker uses Zebra scanner to scan the barcode on a shoe box for a shopper paying at the cash register

123Scan Benefits

Lose the Complications, Not Your Settings

Everyone’s a wizard at configuring and programming with 123Scan, the remarkably simple solution even for newcomers. An industry first, 123Scan automatically detects and programs your Zebra scanners without scanning a barcode or wiping clean your existing settings.

Do More With Less Effort

Powerful and amazingly simple, 123Scan streamlines all your scanner set-up and maintenance needs. Download parameters, update firmware, view statistics, generate Microsoft Word-friendly reports and validate setup by displaying data.

Ideal for Deployments of Any Size

Whether you need to deploy a single scanner or a multitude enterprise-wide, 123Scan makes it faster and easier. With 123Scan’s Mass Upgrade Mode, you can simultaneously batch stage devices in groups of up to 10 scanners by simply adding one or more USB hubs.


DataCapture DNA, la ventaja incorporada en su escáner

Escanee con capacidades avanzadas y mejoradas de forma continua por un socio con más 50 años de innovación probada en campo. Zebra conoce el flujo de escaneo mejor que otros proveedores. Por eso, hemos integrado en todos nuestros escáneres DataCapture DNA de Zebra, un conjunto de herramientas de software que ayuda a su equipo a adaptarse a las necesidades futuras y alcanzar mejores resultados para el negocio.


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