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How We Will Help You Capture Your Edge in 2019 and Beyond

New global blog will deliver the exclusive insights and expert guidance you need to excel on the job

Zebra Technologies Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Schmitz offers a first look at the company’s new Your Edge blog, launching worldwide March 1, 2019.
by Jeff Schmitz
February 28, 2019

Our primary mission at Zebra is to help you capture, and maintain your edge. Whether you are a startup, a mid-sized business or a Fortune 100 enterprise, we want to ensure you have the tools to fully execute your business strategy powered by technology at the operational edge of your business. Specifically, we want to give you access to key insights and practical information that can help inform your decisions and, ultimately, accelerate innovation and growth within your areas of responsibility.

In that spirit, we are launching a new blog today, which we are calling Your Edge.

Each week, a community of subject matter experts from both the Zebra Nation and the broader industry will directly address the technology and business issues that matter most to you. By giving you direct access to their thoughts and observations, we hope that Your Edge becomes a valuable resource for you and your teams.

Collectively, our blog contributors will:

- Offer a comprehensive analysis of the evolving market dynamics that could impact your business strategy.

- Put a microscope on everything, from new technologies making headlines to changing workforce demographics, customers’ new omnichannel expectations to the evolving demands that will drive change in your industry.

- Share relatable stories from the edge that can be used to inform your own decisions and actions.

- Offer exclusive insights into the innovation that is occurring both behind the scenes at Zebra and on the front lines of your industry.

- Dissect and decipher the data released in industry reports so that you can communicate the findings to your team and leadership in a meaningful way that leads to action and enhances your competitive edge.

- We will also have some fun. (Who doesn’t like watching Zebras cook or sport red noses? And we can all appreciate a good holiday gift guide.)

Expect a mix of soundbite insights, quick-tip lists, and long-form reference guides as well as videos, playbooks and event highlights spanning all global markets now served by Zebra, including those utilizing the rugged mobile computing solutions we have integrated into our portfolio through the Xplore acquisition.

Now, I know your time is valuable and you may only have a few minutes during your coffee break or lunch to read anything. I also realize there are dozens of other websites, emails and industry trade pubs that are vying for your attention. But I think you’ll find our new blog to be well worth a daily, weekly or even monthly read.

I explain why in this video:

In other words: If you are looking for a better way to keep pace with what’s happening within your industry, you’ve come to the right place. As of today, consider Your Edge your one-stop-shop for the guidance you need to efficiently capture, analyze and apply mission-critical intelligence at your business’ edge.

Have questions, comments or an idea for a blog topic? Email us: blog@zebra.com

Jeff Schmitz
Jeff Schmitz has more than 25 years of hands-on global experience in product management and marketing, research and development, operations and business development. In his current role as Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Schmitz is responsible for the development and execution of Zebra’s marketing strategy, partner program, business market intelligence and digital tool set worldwide.
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