Members of Zebra’s 2019 Summer Class of Interns volunteered with “Feed My Starving Children” as part of the #50HourChallenge
By Your Edge Blog Team | July 25, 2019

These Zebras are Making a Difference, In More Ways Than One

Members of the 2019 Zebra Intern Class talk about why giving back is important to them

It’s National Intern Day in the United States and we want to celebrate all the hard work that our Zebra interns are putting forth this summer. While they are making a big difference within our company, they’re making an even bigger difference in their communities!

For example, members of the 2019 Zebra Intern Class quickly accepted the #50HourChallenge we put forth in June, despite their busy work schedules. They didn’t have to make such a commitment. Community service is not part of their job description or even an intern requirement. Yet, as you will hear from the interns in this video, it was important to them to give back and it meant a lot that Zebra gave them the opportunity to do so. Watch the interview:

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Zebra’s “Your Edge” Blog Team
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