Mariana Souza Silva, LATAM Distribution Channel Marketing for Zebra, based in Miramar, Florida
By Your Edge Blog Team | May 06, 2019

What Makes Me Love Mondays

Latin America Distribution Channel Manager Mariana Souza Silva Explains Why She is So Passionate About Working for Zebra

We’re often asked by new hire candidates, whether an intern or seasoned executive, why we enjoy working for Zebra. They are just as much interviewing us as we are them, and rightfully so. The company you work for can really define your career trajectory, as the right company will motivate you to excel and support your lifelong growth. Just ask Mariana Silva Souza.

We asked Zebra employees to submit their Zebra stories as part of the company’s 50th Anniversary celebration this year. Mariana felt it was important to share why she was eager to join the Zebra team, based on her previous experience with the company as an agency partner, and why she values Zebra so much as an employer today. Read her letter:

My story with Zebra started even before I became an employee. I used to work for one of Zebra's agencies and dreamed of the day I would be one of "them".

My ex co-workers used to tell me all the time that I was more Zebra than anything. I loved the products, the people, the energy and everything about it.

One day, I was suddenly invited to apply for a marketing position and had to ask for permission first, as Zebra was my account and therefore my client. With my employer's permission, I applied, and for this I am forever thankful.

As I was being interviewed for this opportunity, alongside many different candidates who I imagine had more experience in the barcode industry than myself, I focused on something more special than my background: my passion and my attitude.

Thankfully, it worked. My 16 years of marketing experience and education background (bachelor's degree in communications, half way through my MBA in business intelligence) helps me be more efficient at my job. However, it is loving what I do and loving the company I work at which makes me love Mondays.

I remember all the events where I had the chance to represent Zebra and interact with partners, distributors, and Zebra stakeholders. These were unique experiences and I still have pictures and love to remember how much fun we had with all the marketing activities. Some partners still recognize me from those events!

At Zebra, I learn every day. As our portfolio grows, people rotate, new companies are acquired, new marketing strategies are formed, colleagues become friends…it's a cool journey.

For me, Zebra makes everything easier, faster and more efficient. From having the ability to impact a baby's life with the healthcare portfolio to tracking each step of a football player, my job is just amazing. I love to work for a company that follows the speed of the digital transformation, and now I am part of it. Lucky me.

Happy anniversary Zebra. I followed the Zebra, and so did my heart.’


Editor’s Note: If you want to learn more about what it’s like to work for Zebra, or you are interested in pursuing your passion job with Zebra, visit our Careers site now.

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