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By Your Edge Blog Team | June 09, 2020

Front-Line Update: Europe’s Healthcare Community is Getting “Back to the Basics” as It Works to Expand Bed Capacity and Increase Operational Efficiency

Two of Zebra’s EMEA healthcare leaders talk about what it takes to set up temporary COVID-19 field hospitals and help traditional hospital wards be better equipped for future patient surges.

In late April, the Your Edge blog team spoke with healthcare experts from Asia-Pacific (APAC) and North America about the challenges faced and progress being made as cities, states and entire countries rushed to set up temporary COVID-19 patient care facilities in the early days of the outbreak.

What we didn’t disclose at that time was that Zebra European team members were on the ground with partners and public healthcare officials setting up a 4,000-bed emergency field hospital – a project that was completed in just nine days!

Now that the sprint is over, we’ve asked Zebra Senior Healthcare Account Manager Dave Taylor to share his front-line experience with this massive effort, particularly the key learnings that could benefit others around the world who are continuing to set up temporary COVID-19 acute care facilities today.

We also invited Zebra’s EMEA Healthcare Practice Director, Wayne Miller, to discuss the evolving goals, ongoing challenges and notable successes of the larger healthcare community across the region. As you will hear, COVID-19 is driving healthcare to get back to the basics and, in a way, become more localized than ever. It is also helping to accelerate investments in certain types of technologies, including real-time location solutions.

This really was a fascinating conversation, and we hope sharing Wayne and Dave’s insights will prove beneficial to healthcare leaders and providers all around the world. Listen to it now:

From Setting Up Field Hospitals to Creating a More Sustainable Healthcare Model, This is What You Need to Know

Zebra’s “Your Edge” Blog Team
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