“Beyond the Basics”: NFL Pro Brandon Copeland Talks About What It Takes to Be a Winner, On and Off the Field

In this exclusive podcast interview, we learn what it really means to be a well-rounded athlete and a true professional.

NFL linebacker Brandon Copeland
by Your Edge Blog Team
January 26, 2021

New England Patriots outside linebacker Brandon Copeland may be known for his athletic accomplishments, but we believe he should also be celebrated for the work he’s doing off the field, deep in the heart of communities all across the United States.

Though he spends long hours working with his teammates and coaches to improve their chances of success on game day, Brandon commits his free time to a non-profit he and his wife founded called Beyond the Basics to give others a chance at success in life. They both have a natural ambition to work hard and feel blessed to have been surrounded by people who could help them harness their gifts to benefit others.

Now, Brandon is now paying it forward by giving others access to enriching experiences that can propel them toward a fulfilling future. Beyond the Basics affords others the opportunity to chase their dreams, whether they want to be professional basketball players with a max contract (like Brandon thought about in high school), start their own business or achieve any other goal. If people are willing to put in the effort, Brandon and the Beyond the Basics team will help open doors for them – and provide support while they are on their journeys.

Zebra supports Brandon and his philanthropic initiatives, as we too believe in doing well by doing good in local communities around the world. In fact, we recently contributed to his “December to Remember” campaign, which he talks about in this new 15-minute interview on the Your Edge podcast: 

“A December to Remember” Helps Hundreds of Families Find Hope for the Future

During our conversation, Brandon also shares:

  • Why he chose to pursue a professional career with the NFL despite his childhood success in multiple sports and dreams of playing in the NBA.
  • How he’s been able to adapt to change throughout his career as he moved from one team – and city – to the next.
  • How the data captured by Zebra’s MotionWorks Sports system has made him more self-aware of his contributions and performance on the practice and game fields.
  • The type of life he wants to live and the legacy he hopes to leave behind.
  • What he hopes to accomplish in the future.

We hope you will take a few minutes to listen to it now. Brandon is a true professional and an exemplary role model to others! His words and actions will inspire you.


Editor’s Note:

You can learn more about the good work being done by Beyond the Basics on its website. Want to get involved? Contact its team here

Your Edge Blog Team
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