A Zebra fixed vehicle computer is configured by an employee on a forklift
By Your Edge Blog Team | August 12, 2021

Ask the Expert: Can You Help Me Find the Right Computer, Mounting Configuration and Mobile Printer for My Material Handling Applications? There Are So Many Options on the Market.

Our experts break down each technology component forklift operators will need to navigate your facilities safely and efficiently, especially when things are hectic and deadlines are tight.

Material handlers take pride in their ability to get the right items to and from the right places on time. They know production and fulfillment depends on the execution of their task orders, and they don’t want someone to pause the assembly line or miss a shipping deadline on their account. Nor do they want there to be a backlog at the dock door because they’re struggling to find a place to put pallets.

Fixed vehicle computers can help them stay connected with colleagues, customers and workflow-specific data, making it easier to move quickly and efficiently from one place to the next. When combined with mobile printers, these computers also empower material handlers to help improve labeling compliance, item track and trace and more extensive inventory management efforts, such as cycle counts. However, there are unique safety considerations when equipping heavy machinery operators with arms-length technology that always remains in their line of sight. You must strike a fine balance to ensure the devices don’t impede their vision or prove to be a distraction. And solution placement is imperative. They need enough room to access all mechanisms safely and comfortably – steering wheels, pedals, controls – without getting tripped up in cords or bumping their heads, legs or arms against devices.

To be honest, it’s a lot to think about. So, Alex Holdsworth and Kevin Davies were gracious enough to break down everything you need to know when configuring your computing and printing solutions for material handling applications.

If you have five minutes and want the full step-by-step rundown on how to set up each component, watch this video from Alex first:

If you just want the scoop on how to choose and configure specific components in under a minute, you can skip to one of these short guides:

Choosing the Right Computer

Power Supplies and Cables

Mounting Options

Barcode Scanners

Antennas, Keyboards and Voice Functionality

Mobile Printers


Kevin Davies also provides a more in-depth look at how mobile printers can be used on material handling vehicles in this video:

If you still have questions or need help choosing or configuring a mobile computing or printing solution for your forklift operators, reach out to a Zebra representative or partner. We’re happy to help you get things up and running.


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