Year of the Nurse 2021
By Your Edge Blog Team | May 12, 2021

Exclusive Interview Reveals the Real Impact Nurses are Having on the Quality of Healthcare Today

They consistently bring comfort to those who need it most, despite the challenges they face. They also advocate for better patient care every day in a number of different ways. Listen to the podcast to learn about a few.

Nurses have been celebrated for their compassionate care and heroic actions every day since the COVID-19 pandemic began. However, it’s important we stop to really consider the life-changing impact they have always made on society and the substantial influence they have on healthcare modernization. Nurses go above and beyond their call of duty to ensure patients and loved ones are fully supported in some of the most challenging times of their lives, and they continuously advocate for a higher standard of care. Their voices and actions have proven to elicit positive change in healthcare delivery models worldwide. And they never stop innovating.

So, this year for International Nurses Day, we decided to speak with three very special women who have been on the front lines of public health crises in various capacities, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Two of them – Rikki Jennings and Elizabeth Miller – are Registered Nurses. The third, Alex Van Ryne, will earn her bachelor of science in nursing degree this weekend and will become a Registered Nurse in June.

All have gained tremendous insight into the evolving challenges nurses face in today’s healthcare environment. And each has been able to contribute to the ongoing innovation occurring both behind the scenes here at Zebra and on the front lines in hospitals and other facilities. Listen to the 20-minute discussion now to get the inside scoop on:

  • the sentiment among nurses one year into the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • the questions arising about nursing students’ preparedness for the real world.
  • the acceleration of digital strategies to facilitate a “care anywhere” model via “digital front door,” expanded home healthcare, and virtual collaboration tools.
  • the efforts being made to improve workplace safety.
  • how foundational technology is being leveraged in new ways to improve clinical workflows, better support nurses, and help improve the quality of both the patient and caregiver experience.
  • ways in which the “clinical voice” is giving rise to more impactful innovation at Zebra and across the global healthcare community.
  • the simple way in which the public can celebrate nurses on International Nurses Day – and every day.

The Real Impact Nurses are Having on the Quality of Healthcare

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