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By Your Edge Blog Team | July 29, 2021

Hear it From the Herd: Three Zebra Interns Take the Stage to Share their Summer Journeys with the World

The experiences have been rewarding. The insight gained next level. Tune in to this National Intern Day podcast as Nicole Hurowitz, Natalie Koenig and Justin Ethithara chronicle their 12-week adventure in 30 minutes time.

Tis the season of interns and what better way to celebrate our hardworking summer Zebras than by sharing their brilliance with you! They are making such a great impact on the company, and we’re doing our best to make a lasting impression on them too by giving them a meaningful experience in the 12 short weeks they’re embedded with The Herd this summer.

In the spirit of National Intern Day, I invited three of our incredibly passionate interns to join me for a 30-minute roundtable discussion about how the wide array of projects they’ve been diving into have left them feeling personally and professionally empowered:

  • Nicole Hurowitz is a recent college graduate working with our NA sales ops and support team.
  • Natalie Koenig is a rising senior who is working with our software engineering team.
  • Justin Ethithara is also a rising senior and is spending his second summer with the sales engineering team.

They were excited to share everything about their Zebra adventure thus far, including:

  • what it’s like to be an intern at Zebra.
  • the incredible ways their teams have integrated them into – and let them lead – big rock projects.
  • how Zebra has helped them (and other early career professionals) apply their school coursework in a meaningful way.
  • the valuable life lessons learned, such as the importance of networking.
  • how their career aspirations have been impacted since starting their internships.

They also shared their thoughts on what future interns should do to take full advantage of their opportunities to work at Zebra. So, if you want to discover exactly what it’s like to experience Zebra from inside the Herd, listen to this:

Hear It From the Heard: Three Zebra Interns Give the Scoop on Their Summer Adventures

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