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By Your Edge Blog Team | May 03, 2022

Dutch Retailer Prepares for the Future and Beyond with Zebra’s Personal Shopping Solution

Jumbo already has exciting applications in place that give customers the power to self-scan and pay, and the retailer shows no signs of slowing down for its customers.

Jumbo, the second-largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands, has always been at the forefront of using technology to enhance the shopping experience. It first placed a Zebra personal shopping solution (PSS) in its stores more than 10 years ago. Jumbo’s latest upgrade to the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper builds on that success. The grocer now places the mobile devices right in shopping carts to offer shoppers new perks and features they can enjoy as they browse aisles, hunt for deals, require support and make payment.  

“Our self-scanning solution is completely customer focused,” says Michiel Kienjet, Program Manager, Formula & Format, Jumbo. “And, unlike other retailers, we have deliberately chosen a solution without customer identification, but with fully manned self-scanning checkouts, to keep a personal touch.”

Some of those personal touches include hands-free scanning, in-store navigation, and push-to-talk capabilities between customers and store assistants. 

Read the full story now (and be prepared to be jealous if you don’t live near a Jumbo supermarket)… 

Dutch Retailer Modernizes Shopping Experience with In-Store Navigation and Self-Scanning Applications

Bonus: You’ll also learn how this unique mobility solution is helping Jumbo associates more efficiently complete their tasks. It’s a win-win!

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