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By Your Edge Blog Team | June 22, 2022

DIY Retailer Reaches Maximum Efficiency, Thanks to a “Familiar” Mobile Solution

jem & fix maintains its prices by continually investing in new technologies that are innovative but not disruptive.

jem & fix is a major DIY retailer with stores in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. It sells close to 8,000 products, mainly for home, garden and construction products. The company prides itself on maintaining affordable prices, but that requires maximum efficiency in every part of the business. When company leaders were ready to replace aging mobile devices, they started asking, “What type of device will employees want to use for the 4-5 years?” The answer was simple: something similar to what they are familiar with using, a smartphone.

“As we have a low average age in our stores among colleagues, we have looked at how to equip the store associates with a tool that has a user interface that they know from their phones,” says Erik Laursen, IT & Project Manager at jem & fix.

Our TC52 mobile computers were the perfect solution. Now, while store associates may look like they are watching the latest social media trend on their screens, they are actually completing their tasks. Best of all, the devices are rugged enough to handle all the bumps and dings that come with working on a busy retail floor.    

Read the full story now to learn how jem & fix also easily transitioned from its Windows™-based software to Android™. 

Zebra Handheld Devices Help jem & fix Keep its Price Promise

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