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By Your Edge Blog Team | April 27, 2022

No Need to Call Your Bookie

BetXS called Zebra, and we set them up with a best-in-class kiosk solution that will now let users place bets at fully automated retail bookmakers.

Word on the street is that – with a little help from Zebra and some other collaborators – BetXS has launched three shops in Ireland, and these aren’t your traditional bookmakers.  

“I come from a long line of bookmakers, and I’ve seen first-hand the multitude of issues traditional retail betting shops have had to face,” said Colm Finlay, Director, Orchadia Systems & BetXS. (After confirming the rumors are true.) 

Thanks to a splash of technology, these betting shops are now completely automated, including the doors, lights, security systems and even the betting and pay-out kiosks.    

If you’re curious how a sizeable investment such as this is helping BetXS save money, enable full regulatory compliance and improve ledger accuracy, you can get the full scoop here: 

Meet the World’s First Fully Automated Retail Bookmakers 

(You’ll find out what role Zebra had to play, too.) 

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Zebra’s “Your Edge” Blog Team
Zebra’s “Your Edge” Blog Team

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