Portuguese Electricity Producer Is Grateful Its Field Crews Can Now Stay in Contact When They’re Working Remotely, Trying to Keep the Grid Online

Find out how Zebra rugged tablets and touch computers are empowering the utility’s field crews and warehouse staff to stay in touch with real-time status updates via its SAP system.

A utility worker looks at his Zebra touch computer
by Your Edge Blog Team
May 17, 2022

Trying to manage any electric grid these days is difficult just given its sprawl (and Mother Nature). This is something field crews for Portuguese electricity producer EDA especially appreciate considering they must service such a large geographic area in the Azores. But what these hard-working crews appreciate even more is having a way to provide instantaneous updates on maintenance, repairs and network development to operations and plant managers, warehouse teams and customers located several kilometers away. 

As the old motto goes, “time is money.” And field technicians need all the time they can get to focus on what really matters: keeping utility assets online and running optimally.

It’s not beneficial to anyone when crews must travel all the way back to the office to provide status updates on key work orders and assets. Yet, that’s what they had to do until EDA leadership worked with Zebra and Neptune Software to develop and deploy a mobile computing solution that now allows technicians to upload data captured in the field into EDA’s SAP system in real time…without a single truck roll required. 

Read the full story now to learn about how this solution works and why it so effectively enables crews to relay information to key stakeholders from the field – including those managing EDA’s warehouse operations. Plus, find out how the same solution is simultaneously being used in EDA’s warehouses to help field teams better manage their work tickets.  

EDA: One Turnkey Solution Helps Improve Two Utility-Related Operations

Your Edge Blog Team
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