MP7000 Grocery Scanner Scale

Deliver an Unsurpassed Checkout Experience in the Busiest Stores

Meet the demands of your highest-volume point-of-sale lanes with Zebra’s MP7000 next generation multi-plane 1D/2D bioptic imager. The MP7000 is loaded with features that take scanning performance and simplicity to the next level for faster-than-ever checkout in cashier-manned and self-checkout lanes, increased cashier productivity and point of sale (POS) throughput — and a better shopping experience.

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Let Us Tell You More About the MP7000

  • Fastest Checkout Performance

    Zebra’s most advanced scanning technology ensures the instant capture of virtually every electronic and printed barcode. The largest scan zone in this product class delivers true "swipe-and-go" capability. And with the optional customer side scanner, your customers can scan electronic and physical coupons and loyalty cards — instead of your cashiers.

  • Industry-Best TCO

    A smart investment, the MP7000 offers an unmatched industry-best total cost of ownership (TCO) by delivering maximum uptime and minimum power consumption – up to 60 percent less than competitive devices. Solid state technology means no moving parts, providing the fewest failure points in this class. With fewer parts and components to service, and an upper housing that can be removed without tools, repair and maintenance couldn’t be easier. And since the MP7000 is designed to fit into your existing cash wrap, you can easily upgrade your POS lanes with the very latest technology.

  • Innovation at the POS

    A high-resolution 2.3 Megapixel color camera supports new applications that deliver major business benefits. With product recognition and identification applications, the camera can identify items like produce, enabling a shortened picklist for simpler and faster checkouts. You can also help reduce self-checkout related losses by verifying the proper barcode is scanned for an item. 

Zebra MP7000 in-counter grocery scanner scale in use

We Have a Scanner to Meet Your Needs

Zebra MP7000 scanner scale

MP7000 Grocery Scanner Scale

Delivering Unrivaled Manageability

In addition to faster checkout, innovations that increase throughput and an industry best TCO, you get unprecedented management simplicity and functionality. Our powerful complimentary software enables easy remote management of your entire solution — the MP7000 grocery scanner scale and all attached peripherals. And predictive diagnostics provides the information you need to spot and resolve issues — before they impact performance.

  • Dimensions

    Long scanner and scanner/scale:

    20 in. L x 11.5 in. W x 4.00 in. D x 5.00 in. H 506 mm L x 292 mm W x 102 mm D x 128 mm H

    Medium scanner and scanner/scale:

    15.7 in. L x 11.5 in. W x 4.00 in. D x 5.00 in. H 398 mm L x 292 mm W x 102 mm D x 128 mm H

    Short scanner:

    13.9 in. L x 11.5 in. W x 4.00 in. D x 5.00 in. H 351 mm L x 292 mm W x 102 mm D x 128 mm H

  • User Interface

    Soft touch capacitive pads (no buttons to break or wear out)

    Large two-color LED

    Beeper: adjustable volume and beep tones

    Four programmable buttons

  • Scale

    30 lb. in 0.01 lb. increments/15 kg in 5 g increments. Maximum static weight: 300 lb./136 kg.

    Single-cable and dual-cable protocols. Compatible with Mettler price computational scales.

  • Weight

    Long scanner: 14.6 lb/6.6 kg

    Long scanner/scale: 17.6 lb/8.0 kg

    Medium scanner: 12.6lb / 5.7 kg

    Medium scanner/scale: 15.7 lb/ 7.1 kg

    Short scanner: 12.1 lb/ 5.5 kg

  • Horizontal Glass

    Sapphire; Produce flip-up bar on scale models.

  • Scanner Technology

    Multiple CMOS Array Imager with 1D and 2D capabilities


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How the MP7000 Can Improve the Checkout Experience in Your Grocery Store

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    The genetic code that simplifies the entire scanning experience.

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