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Gives Users and IT Easy Control Over Bluetooth Accessories

Device Central provides a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users and IT to manage Bluetooth accessories. This Mobility DNA tool allows users to pair, unpair, get information to help troubleshoot issues and even find devices, all with a quick tap. And IT can control if and when firmware updates for accessories are executed, control the number and type of devices that can pair with a host to improve data security, as well as control the Bluetooth radio availability.

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  • Easy Pairing, Unpairing and Troubleshooting

    You can scan the pairing barcode on the Bluetooth accessory with the host Zebra mobile computer — or scan a pairing barcode displayed on the host mobile device with a scanning-enabled Bluetooth accessory. And tap on any paired device listed on screen to obtain all the information tech support needs to help resolve accessory issues.

  • Simplify Bluetooth Accessory Management for IT Staff

    Control if and when Bluetooth accessory firmware is updated to prevent issues related to applications and device settings — or resolve firmware-related device issues. Define how many devices in an accessory category can be paired to a specific host and whether users can enable or disable the Bluetooth radio to increase data security and reduce support calls.

  • Easily Find Misplaced Accessories

    Now, users and IT can easily locate missing Bluetooth accessories. With the paging function, a supported Bluetooth accessory will beep continuously until located, protecting your Bluetooth accessory investment and reducing spares pool requirements.

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