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Your workers are using Zebra Android all-touch mobile computers to capture crucial enterprise data — but the standard consumer Android soft keypad falls short of your enterprise requirements. Key size, lack of auto correction for the terms used in your business and more reduce data entry efficiency and accuracy.

Introducing Zebra’s Enterprise Keyboard, truly designed for the enterprise user. Your users get all the features they need to enter highly accurate data in record time. Make your Zebra mobile computers easier to use and boost worker productivity with Enterprise Keyboard — only from Zebra.

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  • Meet Any Data Entry Need with Five Keyboard Layouts

    Users can choose the keyboard that maximises data entry simplicity for the task at hand with the same familiar swiping motion they use on their personal smartphones. Keyboard layouts include QWERTY, numeric, symbols, phone and scanning layouts.

  • Large Keys and Flexible Keypress Feedback for Accurate Typing

    The specially-sized keys accommodate virtually any hand size. And, there are four methods to provide feedback to users to verify they have pressed the right key: vibration (haptic), sound, visual colour change on the pressed key or a pop-up preview above the pressed key.

  • Customised Personal Dictionary for Faster and Easier Data Entry

    Add the vocabulary you use in your business to the built-in dictionary, enabling autofill and autocorrect on industry-specific terms.

Worker inputting data into Zebra device

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