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Instantly and Seamlessly Deploy Your Zebra Android Devices - No Manual Setup Required

With Google’s Android zero-touch, your device(s) can automatically be enrolled into your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system for setup and provisioning, right out of the box. Just turn on the devices to load all the right settings and applications. In order to take advantage of this service, there are a few requirements — devices must be assigned to your company account and be able to access the Internet to complete initial staging. To help you take advantage of Android zero-touch, Zebra does it all

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  • We Handle Device Enrollment

    To take advantage of this service, you need a Google account to access the Android zero-touch portal. Then, your devices need to be registered to your company within that portal. Because Zebra is an authorised enrolment partner, we can handle it all for you.

  • We Make It Easy to Get Your Devices Online

    Devices need to access the internet in order to connect to your zero-touch portal to complete initial staging. That’s not a problem for your cellular devices — just pop in the SIM card and turn the devices on. But what if your devices will connect only by WiFi, Ethernet or a private cellular network? That’s where the Zebra Zero Touch StageNow wizard comes in. Just access the wizard through Zebra’s StageNow, a complimentary Zebra Mobility DNA utility, to create a staging barcode embedded with the settings required to enable network access. Simply scan the barcode with your Zebra mobile devices and Android zero-touch will take over.

  • Roll Out Any Number of Devices in Record Time

    With Android zero-touch supported by Zebra, you can roll out any number of Zebra devices painlessly — from one to hundreds of thousands of devices all around the world. Your IT personnel and your users can focus on other more crucial tasks. And every device is always staged flawlessly.

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