Zebra IoT Connector Software

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Zebra IoT Connector Software

Gather data from cloud-capable edge devices in a simple, consistent manner with Zebra IoT Connector. Use the information and insights gained to make decisions in real time. Developed as a standard feature of our barcode scanners and RFID readers,  IoT Connector is simple to configure—no coding required—and uses standard protocols within the Internet of Things.

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  • Easy Cloud Integration

    IoT Connector routes data from Zebra devices into your preferred IoT endpoint, whether it’s a data lake in the cloud or your on-premises web server.

  • Enterprise Data Collection

    Gain vital information from your fleet of Zebra devices—real-time alerts, health statistics, barcode scans, RFID tag reads—via your analytics dashboard. All with date and time stamps!

  • Alternative Data Pipe

    Data is routed independently from your existing host application, so you get valuable insights without compromising protected, business-critical data streams.

Innovative Software for Zebra Devices

  • Maximum VISIBILITY

    Achieve maximum asset visibility throughout your enterprise with Zebra fixed RFID readers.

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  • Scan Non-Stop

    Capture data with unmatched abilities developed and refined with more than 50 years of field-proven innovation.

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  • DataCapture DNA

    Zebra DataCapture DNA is a suite of software tools in all our scanners to make your scanning journey simple to navigate

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