Zebra Scanner Management Service (SMS)

The Scanner Management Service (SMS) enables the remote management of Zebra scanners. With no operator intervention required, the SMS enables you to remotely access scanner asset information and statistics, set parameters, and update firmware.

The ability to manage your scanner fleet from a remote location dramatically reduces the cost of owning a scanner. Implementation of the SMS solution requires customers to download and use both 123Scan2 and the Scanner Management Service. 

Designed to be Different – Simple and Easy to Use

  • Wizard guides SMS Package generation process
  • No licensing hassles

Configures a Scanner at the Point of Use

  • No pre-staging
  • No scanning a barcode
  • No operator intervention

Set and Forget Operation

  • No console required to execute operations
  • Plug it in and walk away – Any model, any make, any time
  • The SMS Package takes care of the programming details, so you don't have to
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