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Ensure Long-Lasting Receipt Readability

You need the receipts and documents you print to last and look professional. When you choose Zebra Certified Supplies, you get that and more. Zebra papers have been carefully pre-tested, selected, and certified to deliver the best performance, durability and longevity at a price you can afford. So, your receipts and documents not only fit your budget, but they also remain readable for their entire life.

Withstand the Elements
Withstand the Elements

Heat, light, moisture and abrasion are tough on receipts. They are commonly exposed to rain and chemicals, stored in hot cars, and come into contact with hands and countless surfaces. Be sure your receipts and documents are durable and can withstand the elements with the right materials, thermal resistance, thickness and top-coating with Zebra.

Quality Testing Guarantee
Quality Testing Guarantee

Our material sciences experts have pre-tested, selected and certified the highest-performing receipt papers to meet your application’s durability, image quality and archival requirements, as well as your budget. And, Zebra is ISO 9001:2000 certified. We adhere to consistent processes to ensure our finished products deliver high customer satisfaction.

Put Your Mark On It
Put Your Mark On It

Want customisation? You’ve got it. Get greater security and reduce counterfeits with pre-printed watermarks. Order pre-printed documents with return policies and instructions, warranties and other conditions. And, Zebra can even pre-print your company logo, PMS colour and other information to promote your brand with a complete solution, customised just for you.

Front view of Zebra Receipt Paper Solutions

Receipt Paper Solutions

Crisp, Long-Lasting Images and Text

Zebra’s receipt paper solutions provide high-quality images and text that ensure your receipts will remain readable and intact for their entire life.

Receipt Features

Product NameMaterial DescriptionPrinting TypeArchivabilityWhy ChooseResources
Z-Perform 1000D 2.1 mil ReceiptPremium thin receipt paper that offers excellent quality at an economical priceDirect Thermal10 years
  • Minimise receipt paper roll changes during a shift
Z-Perform 1000D 2.1 Mil Spec Sheet

Z-Perform 1000D 2.4 Mil

Premium receipt paper that offers excellent quality at a low cost

Direct Thermal

10 Years

  • Minimise receipt paper roll changes during a shift
  • Cost is important
Z-Perform 1000D 2.4 Mil Spec Sheet

Z-Perform 1000D 3.5 Mil

Heavy duty thicker paper that offers improved durability and feel

Direct Thermal

10 Years

  • Offers thicker paper to support brand image
  • No need to minimise receipt paper roll changes
Z-Perform 1000D 3.5 Mil Spec Sheet

Z-Select 4000D 3.2 Mil

Thicker top-coated paper that offers exceptional long-life durability and resistance

Direct Thermal

25 Years

  • Offers durability for an extended period of time
  • Minimal moisture and chemical resistance
Z-Select 4000D 3.2 Mil Spec Sheet
Z-Select 4000T 3.0 MilPremium, top-coated receipt paper with ultra smooth feelThermal Transfer25+ Years
  • Excellent high print speed quality
  • Long archivability
Z-Select 4000T 3.0 Mil Spec Sheet
IQ Colour 2000D 3.3 MilSmooth receipt paper with the ability to print colour on demand in pre-defined zonesDirect Thermal1 Year
  • Provides flexibility compared to traditional pre-printed receipts
  • Fewer roll changes when you are using multiple SKUs
  • Adds visual cue to assist workers
IQ Colour 2000D 3.3 Mil Spec Sheet
PolyPro 4000D 3.8 MilTop-coated, strong synthetic material that is waterproof and tearproofDirect Thermal10 Years
  • Limited chemical resistance
  • Tearproof and waterproof material
PolyPro 4000D 3.8 Mil Spec Sheet

8000D High-Temp 3.2 Mil

Thick top-coated paper that withstands high temperatures

Direct Thermal

20 Years

  • For use in environments where heat exceeds  140º F (60º C), such as inside vehicles in summer
  • Superior durability under fluorescent bulbs
  • Minimal moisture and chemical resistance
8000D High-Temp 3.2 Mil Spec Sheet

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