Barcode Scanning

Below you will find links to topics and questions related to the technologies behind our barcode scanning solutions.

What is a Barcode?

Learn about the DNA of a barcode and what is behind the pattern of variable-width bars and spaces.

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What Are Barcodes Used For?

Learn about the history of barcodes, the markets that you see them in and the applications they are used for.

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What Is Barcode Symbology?

Read about the different types of barcodes and common symbologies that you see across a variety of applications.

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What Is a Mobile Barcode?

Read about what a Mobile Barcode is and their various use cases.

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What Is a 2D Barcode?

Learn about 2D barcodes and their applications across various industries.

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What Are OEM Scan Engines?

Learn about how and where OEM solutions can be implemented into a variety of industries.

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