Barcode Scanning Software

Advanced Data Formatting

Automate workflow decisions and easily create scanner data formatting rules. Optimize your business workflows, solve new business problems and improve the integrity of the data that drives your business.

Advanced Data Formatting benefits

Flexible And Efficient

Customize user feedback depending on the barcode symbology that is scanned. And intuitive filters and industry-first capabilities enable you to target only the data you need. 

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Data Formatting Made Simple

With groundbreaking simplicity, a library of pre-written rules and an industry-leading built-in help tool, creating an advanced data formatting rule has never been easier.

Zebra Ecosystem Interoperability

Enabling your Zebra scanner to transmit a label to your Zebra printer has never been easier - just a few easy steps! And a pre-written Scan to Print rule gets you started quickly. 

Zebra DataCapture DNA

Zebra DataCapture DNA is a suite of software capabilities to help your team adapt to future needs and achieve greater business outcomes. Scan with abilities developed and continuously refined with more than 50 years of field-proven innovation.


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