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Transportation and Logistics Use Case

Asset and Facility Management

Keep your yard synchronised and operating efficiently. 

Optimise Yard Operations and Safety with Zebra's Integrated Solutions for Asset Visibility and Locationing

Your yard is a hub of activity. Knowing where people are and the location and condition of all your assets at all times is crucial to enhancing productivity and maintaining a safe work environment. With Zebra’s solutions for mobile computing, locationing, and device visibility, you can plan your next best move before you have to make it.

Maintenance You Can Maintain

Stay ahead of device and equipment maintenance by proactively electronically tracking and monitoring the condition of these assets to ensure everything is in working order at all times.

Automate Accountability

Account for worker time, attendance, and location to associate workers with loading and unloading tasks. Monitor container conditions to ensure compliance.

Protect Against Accidents

Safeguard workers and visitors throughout the yard by establishing easy tracking devices to locate people quickly. RFID badges and scanning devices ensure people are in the right place at the right time.


Gain Device Insight

You depend on your devices for your everyday operations. Easily locate, gauge performance, verify usage, and track repair status of all your devices with Zebra visibility services.

Build Your End-to-End Solution


Our handheld, wearable, and vehicle-mounted computers, ultra-rugged scanners, tablets, and printers, paired with Zebra and partner software, are purpose-built to provide enterprise-level support for your asset and facility management needs.

Front view of a Zebra TC57x handheld computer
Handheld Mobile Computers
Front right view of a Zebra ZT400 industrial printer
Industrial Printers

Ultra-Rugged Scanners
Desktop Printers


See how these software offerings add to your Asset and Facility Management solution.

Mobility DNA
DataCapture DNA
Workcloud Communication


Zebra’s receipt paper and barcode labels and tags ensure high print quality, durability and read performance, as well as reduced printer wear and tear.

Barcode Labels and Tags
RFID Labels and Tags
Service and Maintenance

Zebra OneCare™ Maintenance Plans

Protect your business-critical devices and eliminate disruptions and unplanned repair expenses. You'll get device uptime, confidence, and savings with Zebra OneCare™.

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