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Zebra Savanna™


Discover Your Best Next Move With Zebra Savanna™

The Zebra Savanna platform aggregates and analyzes data from edge devices to reveal actionable workflow insights, powers next-gen applications and solutions that deliver best-action guidance, and integrates with existing hardware, software and data ecosystems to give you a more complete picture of your business.

Additionally, the Zebra Savanna public, unified APIs and developer tools can be leveraged to build secure, scalable digital services with ease and speed. The value-add API layer of Zebra Savanna enables partners and developers the ability to innovate, design, and quickly deploy applications to help their customers transform their businesses, creating a partner and developer ecosystem that extends far beyond Zebra.

Zebra Savanna is the foundation of a new series of enterprise applications and solutions that will digitally transform the way companies drive performance at the edge of the enterprise – making businesses more productive and profitable.

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Data Services

Find Your Next Big Idea Inside Your Customer’s Supply Chain

Zebra Savanna Data Services collects device-level data at the edge and makes it accessible via APIs to increase workflow efficiency and productivity. Leverage Zebra Savanna Data Services to improve current applications and create new solutions. Zebra Savanna can integrate with your existing hardware, software and data ecosystems to provide a more complete business picture.

Data & Analytics Platform

Collect Operational Data from the Edge

Zebra Savanna aggregates and analyzes raw edge data from Zebra products and intelligent infrastructure, combining real-time data with historic data, to create a complete picture and intelligent insight for your customers. Using data collection, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Zebra Savanna powers next-gen applications and solutions to create data-powered environments and guide real-time actions.

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Location Engine

Translate Data into Actionable Insights

Zebra Savanna Location Engine takes the location data collected by Zebra MotionWorks™ and translates it into actionable information specific to your operational context. Using proven algorithms and rules engines, it uses the tracking of your assets, goods and people to generate impactful and actionable insights that can transform the way you do business.

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